Weekly Letter April 18

Hope you are having a good week. The storms are here!

Today we finished our weeklong 3DM Learning Community. We had leadership teams from 25 different churches. We helped train these leaders in both discipleship and mission. It was an incredible week of unity and traction. I cannot tell you how many pastors and leaders came up to me this week to say thank you for hosting and what an amazing facility we have to do this and what an amazing church hospitality team we have. It was so encouraging!

Kathy and I leave tomorrow for England for a week to meet with key church leaders in the UK who are training many churches there in the same discipleship and mission philosophy that we are embracing here. It is exciting. We are humbled and honored to see God moving in our church family and also to see so many other churches and leaders who are moving in the same direction as well from all over our country and world. It really is one movement and one family. One pastor left the conference today in tears and simply said, “thanks for investing in us.”

In this same spirit, I want to communicate that Ben and Deb Sternke will be moving this summer to Pawley’s Island to join the 3DM Central Team there with Mike Breen and the rest of the Central team leaders. Ben and Deb led Christ Church for several years and then this past fall Christ Church merged with Grace. We are so thankful for the families from that community that are now a part of our community. Although Ben and Deb will be living there, they are still a part of the same movement and family that we are a part of here, and therefore, will certainly be around from time to time. We want to support and bless them as they embark on this new season. You can read a fuller explanation of their transition here.

This Sunday Andy Booth begins a new four part sermon series called, “Kingdoms in Conflict.” This will be a series on spiritual warfare. I believe it is going to impact all of us!

Also, a big thank you to everyone who gave for the youth trip this summer. Three thousand dollars was raised which is going to help immensely.

Lastly, another big thank you to everyone who was a part of the garage sale. Tiffany Heckley wanted to let everyone know how much their mission community appreciated all the contributions and involvement. They raised several thousands toward their group’s Haiti missions trip.

God is moving in great ways. All praise to his name!

Serving with you,


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