Return to Joy

A message from Joe Johns on January 19, 2014

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  1. Jack Desjardins says:

    Craig, or whoever – I am Derek and Brandy’s dad and go to FMC. I know Joe Johns and have been following his bike ride across the country and ran into this link. It was great to hear this message again about a return to joy, which I have needed. So cool that there is a connection between Grace and FMC! Of course, I know Craig from his FMC days.
    Now I wonder how much GG has been involved in Neighborlink. Has Joe or Andrew Hoffman spoken of this there at Grace? I am one of the FMC coordinators of local projects helping neighbors, and meet with retired guys every week who do Ft. Wayne projects. Is GG and New Haven still involved in these? I know Derek did a couple projects with you all a while back.
    Jack D.

    • Craig Eakright says:

      Hey Jack, We are excited as well at the developing relationship between GG and FMC. GG central has not had a connection to Neighborlink as much as our individual Mission Communities may have in the past. We have very few centralized ministries (Sunday Gatherings, Youth, Kids). The majority of other mission/ministries of Grace are led by the people through their Mission Communities based upon their unique call or passion for mission/ministry. I will get your name to our director of Mission Communities, so that if/when an MC designates a passion that might overlap with Neighborlink we will have a connecting point. Thanks for the contact!

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