Discipleship & Mission: THE GOAL


As we work together as a “family on mission” to pursue the will and purposes of God, it is important that we are razor sharp as it relates to our corporate vision and strategy.

Our vision is to see the beautiful picture of heaven experienced on earth. 

Our STRATEGY for seeing God’s kingdom expressed here on earth is the same strategy Jesus modeled as He walked the earth. He trained and empowered people to have his character and his skill leading people to a life on mission.

So then, our GOAL is that every follower of Jesus would be growing in these two areas – being like Jesus (character) and doing the the things He does (competency). Very simply, it is living and leading like Jesus.

Growing in the character of Jesus includes things like, compassion, love for enemies, peace, joy, faithfulness, honesty, integrity, purity of mind, humility and the like. Growing in the skills of Jesus would include things like praying for spiritual breakthrough and healing, discipling others, communicating the gospel, speaking the truth in love, protecting the weak and marginalized, empowering groups and freeing people from evil or oppression.

This forms the rhythm of discipleship.

In the coming weeks, we will look at the processvalues and vehicles we will be pursuing as the family of Grace Gathering.

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