3DM Network of Churches – Financial Contribution

We are a non-profit network of churches from various backgrounds and denominations that share a common mission and vision.  We want to see the nations reached by putting missional discipleship into the hands of everyday people.  As we partner together, we want to leverage our learning, mutual encouragement, and kingdom breakthroughs to impact our increasingly post-Christian culture.

Most networks in the U.S. function by churches giving around 2% of their operating budgets.  While this may be a good suggestion for churches in our network, we leave it up to each church to decide what annual contribution to make.  These contributions not only go toward the regular expenses of running a network, we also use some of these contributions as scholarships for smaller or financially struggling churches who would not otherwise be able to join a Learning Community.

To help us with budgeting, we ask churches to communicate ahead of time their annual contribution. Please complete the following form.  Thank you!

3DM Network of Churches – Financial Contribution Form

Please let us know your intended contribution for the next year.
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