Grace desires to excel in the areas of discipleship, community, and mission.  One of the best resources Grace has found to help develop these three areas of focus is a ministry called 3DM (   Through books, coaching, workshops, learning communities, and relationships with 3DM leaders, we have grown in our faithfulness and fruitfulness of God’s calling on our church to impact the world.

Covenant & Kingdom Network

Grace is partnering with many churches around the country  to help develop a network of churches who are pursuing the same discipleship, community, and mission DNA that 3DM helps foster. This is a network of churches, made up of various denominations, who feel led to join a movement of God’s Spirit together that seeks to see the next Great Awakening by placing missional discipleship back into the hands of everyday people.

Local and Overseas Missions Organizations

Many of the mission communities at Grace partner with local ministries and organizations as they pursue their missional focus.  Also, many of these MC groups go on short-term mission trips throughout the year and have relationships with various overseas missionaries and mission organizations.  See below for a current list of local and overseas affiliations:


     Shepherds House: Transitional housing for veterans.

     Vincent Village: Homeless shelter for families with children.

     Children’s Hope House: Offers temporary, minimal-cost lodging to parents and families of children receiving medical care away from home.

     Kids Against HungerReducing the number of hungry children in the USA and to feed starving children throughout the world.

     Charis HouseReaching out to women and children experiencing a homeless crisis.

     In as Much:  Assisting with physical needs along with developing personal responsibility.



     Go Missions to Mexico:  Long term missionaries that provide a base for short-term trips.

     His EyesMission reaching out to the people in and around Tegucigalpa Honduras.

     House of BlessingsOrphanage reaching out to children in the mountains east of Port au Prince, Haiti.


If you have any questions about how we partner with any of these organizations, send us an Email.

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