Completing the Journey


On May 22, 2016 we will have a special offer for the Completing the Journey Stewardship Campaign. We are very excited as we near the completion of this journey together. On this special Sunday, we are wanting to give everyone a chance to either give a portion of your previous pledge or, if you have not pledged to the campaign already, make a one time gift towards its completion. As in all things we anticipate God doing great things.

God’s hand of blessing has been on Grace Gathering for decades.  One of the many tangibles expressions of his blessing is in the way God has provided us with a beautiful and highly functional facility.  We are so thankful for how a building can be used as a tool for ministry.  No one would have projected 12 years ago that we were going to have the facility that we do today.  It is used for ministry virtually 7 days a week.  God has provided the funding to pay for this facility through the sacrifice of his people.  Completing the Journey is a stewardship campaign intended to grow our faith as we ask God to use us to finish what we started. This will be a two year faith commitment as we attempt to pay off the remaining debt on our building. Click the links provided to download a brochure which will give you an overview of our journey.




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