Expanded Vision and Values

In Fort Wayne as it is in Heaven


Bringing God’s kingdom to earth today

God’s original relationship with his creation included spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational health for all people. Although sin and Satan have corrupted this, God will restore his plan in the New Heaven and New Earth for everyone who receives the gospel of Christ. This is not only a future reality; Jesus modeled what it means to bring this kingdom experience to earth today. Our desire is to equip everyone to be faithful and fruitful in bringing this restoration to our families, to Greater Fort Wayne, and to the ends of the earth.


Making disciples who live and lead like Jesus

We follow Jesus’ strategy of bringing heaven to earth by discipling people in two areas:

  • Living like Jesus in personal character (e.g. compassionate, purity of mind, loving enemies, caring, forgiving, humble, resisting temptation, committed to truth, loving the father, etc.).
  • Leading like Jesus in the skill of engaging in mission (communicating gospel, healing the sick, discipling others, empowering groups, protecting the marginalized, freeing people from evil, kingdom breakthrough prayer, etc.)


Biblical Authority and Life by the Spirit

To be fruitful in life we need both the anchor of God’s written revelation (the Bible), and his spontaneous revelation (voice and gifts of the Holy Spirit).

Grace and Truth

We attempt to create an atmosphere where truth is not compromised and where people relate to one another and the world with grace and love.

Leadership Integrity and Humility

Rather than leading from position or power, our leaders desire humility and authenticity as they lead out of the overflow of their lives and their own walk with God.

Low Control and High Accountability

We empower people to pursue mission and ministry as God leads them, and we help provide accountability to sound doctrine and lifestyle integrity as they follow their calling.

Communities on Mission

We want to follow Jesus not only individually but in community by developing extended-like families that will eat, play, pray, share resources, encourage, and do mission together.


Vehicles are the environments and venues we have created to accomplish our mission, strategy, and values.

Worship Celebrations

Celebration gatherings offered every weekend where we can worship, receive teaching, hear stories of transformation and mission, and sense that we are all part of a larger family and movement together.

Mission Communities

Mid-size groups of people (5-15 families) who interact like an extended family, with a specific, missional focus. Click here to see a list.

Small Groups

Groups of 3-5 families who gather under the umbrella of a mission community or as a stand-alone group.

Discipleship Huddles

Venue where we intentionally disciple leaders in the area of personal character and leadership skill for mission, so that all leaders are supported and receive investment.

Youth Ministry

Centralized gatherings and small groups for middle schoolers and high schoolers, with adult mentors, for the purpose of teen discipleship and mission.

Children Ministry

Partnering with parents to help children grow spiritually and engage in God’s mission. Click here for more information.

Short-term Mission Trips

Mission trips that go to other places in the U.S. and around the world to bless people of other cultures and ignite greater passion for local mission. Click here to see current mission affiliations.

Training Classes, Webinars, and Workshops

Training environments throughout the year offered to equip people to lead their marriages, families, ministries, and mission. Click here for upcoming opportunities.

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