Financial Peace University

Experience the freedom of wise financial planning with this incredible class designed by Dave Ramsey! Pay off your debt, save for the future, and work together with your family towards financial peace.


What is Financial Peace University?
Financial Peace University is a DVD-based course by Dave Ramsey. It is designed to help people take control of their money.  Learn to get out of debt, live on a budget, and achieve financial freedom!
When is the class?  
Sunday nights from 6-8, September 24 through November 19
Where will it be held?
In the Prayer Room at Grace Gathering
Who is it for?
Anyone!  Singles and married couples are welcome.
How much does it cost?
About $100 for materials (couples can share).  
What if I cannot afford the class?
The church is offering scholarships to cover half the cost of the class.  Simply apply through the following link:  
How do I sign up?
Through Dave Ramsey’s website at the following link:
or by contacting Susan May at 438-7135 or

Register for the class here.

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