First Love: Awakening Hearts to God

Grace Gathering is currently in a season of helping everyday followers of Jesus grow in their identity as missionaries; increasing effectiveness at capitalizing on spiritual conversations and outreach opportunities to help investigators develop a relationship with God. The focus is on both people’s character/heart of loving others outside of the faith and also in the skill/confidence of sharing the gospel.

While most people don’t have the gift of evangelism, people can grow in their ability to have spiritual conversations and to demonstrate grace and truth to those around them who need Jesus.

We are entering into a time of stoking the flame of missionary zeal in the hearts of everyday people living in community with others.  Will you join us?



Share a time when you have shared the gospel so we can keep track and celebrate!



Free Resource.

If you’re already stepping out in faith and sharing the good news with those around you, you may desire to learn a bit more about evangelism, God’s plan for the redeeming the world, and how to share your story. 

First Love – Resource List

Here is a free list of some of the best resources out there to get you started.

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