Grace Gathering’s New Visual Identity

Logo Announcement- Grace Gathering from Grace Gathering on Vimeo.

As a church, we want everyone to know the incredible things God is doing, and how we can further step into what he has for us. We’ll be pursuing that in many ways over the coming months, including a new website, more stories of people hearing from God and responding to him, easily accessible print pieces, and more. One of those ways will be the introduction of our new visual identity. This will allow us to be consistent everywhere so you can quickly recognize something from Grace Gathering.

Our new logo has a couple things built in intentionally.

  1. First, it has two halves, which remind us of our relationship with God and the purpose he gives us.
  2. The second is the three lines. They give us a lens through which we view our lives that reflects the way Jesus lived:  knowing God’s love, experiencing his family, and pursuing people who don’t know him, together. (We’ve already heard of people sharing the gospel with others by explaining the logo!)

Here’s the fun part:  even though there is intentionality in the design, people are seeing all sorts of fun things in it, in addition to what was planned. Some people see a fingerprint reminding us of our identity, others think of the Trinity, and some people even see a subtle allusion to a cross with the lines for the G’s. A great logo can mean lots of good things to different people.

What do you think of when you see the new logo?

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