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No one, since Jesus, has been born a great discipler. So we turn to Scripture to search the words, works and ways of Jesus in an effort to become better disciplers. He modeled a method of discipleship based largely on imitation. “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9.23)  “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matt 4.19)  Jesus invited the disciples into his life and challenged them to live into their identity as a child of God. We are all followers of Christ today, because of Jesus’ initial investment in twelve men.

Isn’t that truly amazing?

Jesus gathered with his disciples in both formal times for teaching and training and in more informal times doing life-on-life. Huddle is the very specific vehicle we use at Grace Gathering to multiply missional leaders in an intentional structured setting.

If you are currently leading Huddle, we would like you to assess the culture in your huddle in order to keep a pulse on your areas of strength, as well as, areas where you might benefit from intentional support and equipping opportunities.

There are a few pillars we want to develop in Huddle – the DNA of huddle, so to speak. We’ve developed the acronym C.H.O.I.C.E. to help us remember these pillars. Below is a brief explanation of each. In your assessment, you’ll be asked to rate yourself on a continuum of 1 (low) – 1o (high). For example,

C.haracter & Competency – How are you balancing the development of both the character of Jesus and in the skills of doing the things Jesus did. For example, are challenging your leaders to grow in their trust of God, while also training them and giving them opportunities to pray for the healing of the sick.

H.andpick a Few – Are you prayerful in your selection of and investment in 4-10 persons in whom you feel God is calling you to invest for a season. These people are persons of peace to you and have the potential to lead and influence others – avoiding the tendency to disciple too many, as well as merely spending time in one on one discipleship relationships.

O.rganized & Organic – How are you at developing a rhythm of meeting in an intentional organized setting (Huddle) and also by granting these people access to your life more organically, inviting them to your home for dinner, prayer, play, etc.

I.nvitation & Challenge – How are you at calibrating the invitation to a covenant relationship with the challenge to become all God intends them to be.

C.ommon Language and Tools – How is your level of  understanding and application of the core 3DM tools (Covenant/Kingdom, Invitation/Challenge matrix, etc) and language (Lifeshapes)? And are you able to pass the tools and language on to your people from personal experience vs. your mere intellect?

E.veryone Multiplies – To what extent is your mindset one that everyone in your huddle WILL lead a huddle? Are you equipping them with the skills to do so, rather than simply expecting them to simply absorb them? Are you communicating regularly why you do the things you do? Are you giving them opportunities to help, opportunities to lead and helping them grow through those opportunities through evaluation?

Sensitivity to the Spirit’s Voice and Leading – Are you leading these disciples of Jesus, through imitation and experience, to actively pursue attentiveness to the voice of the Lord.

In the form below, please provide us with a bit of information about you and your huddle and then reflect on your own competency as a leader of the culture. We also encourage you use these core competencies as a point of discussion with your own Huddle leader as well in an effort to gain his/her input and support.

Note: You are not evaluating your own life, per se, but your competency in leading and developing the culture of your huddle.

G.K. Chesterton is quoted as saying, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly.” It’s very important to remember that none of us is going to be a perfect example, but we can all be a living example.

Thank you.

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