This video is an overview of Chris and Kathy Norman’s journey at Grace.


Grace Gathering looks at leadership in the church a little differently than simply having a pastoral staff. We believe the pastoral gift (as well as all the other gifts of the Spirit) are demonstrated and modeled throughout the church body by everyday people, rather than predominantly by an ordained or paid few.

We believe God desires all believers to be leaders in his church in some way (leadership as following Christ and influencing others to follow him as well). Because our corporate church is broken down into many small and mid-size communities, each community is made up of believers who are using their spiritual gifts to serve and lead the church.

Alongside the leaders of various ministries, we believe there are two official leadership offices in the church made up of overseers/elders and deacons. The elders give accountability oversight in the areas of spiritual, doctrinal, and financial health of the church.  The names of our current overseers are:  Andrew Booth, John Haydock, Scott Jester, Brady Koehlinger, Chris Norman, Tim Smith, as well as various Elders in training.

In addition, we have some full and part-time leaders who help with the overall equipping of the church body.  These leaders have various spiritual gifts (some might be pastoral, but most are other kinds of gifts).  They are servant leaders who use their gifts to provide resource and support to the overall church family.

Those who are on paid staff are listed below and can be contacted via email by using their first initial and last name @gracegathering.com.


DSC_1368-Andy-1 copy Andrew Booth: Andrew grew up in the UK, and Trish grew up in the Fort Wayne area. They have two sons and a daughter. Andrew helps lead the Sunday morning worship environment. They are both passionate about hearing from God and living out the Spirit-filled life as a family.
DSC_1768-Dan Brusco Dan Brusco: Dan grew up in Peru and Linda grew up in El Salvador, and they have one daughter and two grandchildren. Dan helps with overall care and Hispanic ministry. Dan is passionate about helping people feel loved and cared for.
Craig Craig Eakright: Craig and Jill grew up in the Fort Wayne area and have two teenage girls. Craig oversees the music ministry, implementation of our discipleship strategy, coaches leaders, and oversees technology at both of our sites. Craig’s passion is to express the authentic meaning of worship as a lifestyle and lead others in the same.
DSC_1351-Jim copy Jimmy Hoar: Jim is originally from Ft. Branch, IN and Marty is from Ft. Wayne.  They have four daughters, four son-in-laws, and fourteen grandchildren.  Jim oversees the care and maintenance of the church building.  He is passionate about his family.
Carla Carla Ireton: Mick and Carla have lived in Fort Wayne for 6 years. They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Carla serves as facilitator for the North site. She and Mick serve as mission community leaders and head up the Haiti Mission Team. Carla is passionate about foreign missions and seeing all Christians empowered and active in ministry.
DSC_1787-Scott-REVISED Scott Jester: Scott and Stacy are originally from Michigan, and they have four boys. Scott oversees the Grace Gathering North Site location, manages the Grace staff, and coaches leaders. Scott is passionate about seeing leaders equipped and empowered to become all that God has created them to be.
11150670_10153308979408216_9027261365132758451_n Tim Kruse: Tim & Marybeth grew up in Auburn, Indiana. They have one son, Samuel. Together, they lead FORM Fort Wayne, a discipleship & mission training year and internship for young adults. They both have a vision to make being a missionary and making disciples a part of every day life.
Levy2 Levy & Allison Francois: Levy is married to Allison Francois, and has a dog named Irish. Levy and Allison lead the middle school youth ministry SHIFT at the New Haven site. Levy is a full time student at Ball State and Allison works at Lutheran Hospital.
brian and gen Brian Gerig: Brian and Genevieve have two adult children. Kiah, a son, and Dakota, their daughter. The home wouldn’t be complete without their energetic Boxers, Don Bosco and Samson.  Brian has helped launch several youth centers in the United States, including The Power House Youth Center in New Haven in 1995. Brian oversees the Youth and Children’s ministry staff at both the New Haven and North site. Brian and Gen love music, traveling, up-cycling, and drinking coffee!
Elly Heloise MaconochieHeloise moved to Fort Wayne in 2014 from the UK. She is married to Paul and has two daughters. Heloise leads the development of Missional Communities across Grace Gathering. She also works in a voluntary capacity for a number of organizations in the field of education and children’s services.
Paul Paul Maconochie: Paul, Heloise and their daughters, Grace and Hannah, are from Sheffield, England. Paul serves on the Grace team with responsibility for leadership development, and also oversees a network of churches across the USA called the 3DM Network. Paul’s vision is to see everyday people released and equipped to live as disciples and missionaries.
Conner MullettConner is a Fort Wayne, IN native. He oversees worship ministry at the North Site service and is currently pursuing a degree in Christian Ministries at Liberty University. He is passionate about leading people into an encounter with God that leads them to a response. Conner enjoys making coffee, reading, and Indiana University Basketball.
Brian MenzieBrian and Shandi are from Fort Wayne and the rural towns around it. Brian has a passion for communicating complex things simply, and his role is to communicate our mission, vision, and vehicles clearly so that people are inspired and equipped to step forward in faith. 
DSC_1385-Chris copy Chris Norman: Chris grew up in Michigan and Kathy grew up in Chicago, and they have three girls and a boy. Chris teaches over half of the Sunday morning messages, helps give overall vision to Grace, and coaches leaders both at Grace and among other churches. Chris is passionate about experiencing life as a family on mission.
Erin Paris website Erin Paris: Erin and Patrick both grew up in the Fort Wayne area.  They have one son, Isaac, and their miniature dachshund, Molly. Erin left a career as an educator after feeling God prompting her to move onto something new. She helps lead the administration and facilitation of Grace Gathering, as well as the 3DM Fort Wayne Hub. She and her family enjoy having friends over, music, watching movies and sitting out by their fire pit on cool nights.
Katie---3 Katie Rozelle: Katie and Jay grew up in Fort Wayne, they have a son and two daughters. Katie is leading the children’s ministry at the north site.
ross Ross Stratton: Ross has been involved in technical ministry from a very early age. He travels the world as the primary tech guru with the Mike Lee band. Ross leads the technical teams at Grace and keeps the machines in top shape at both of our two locations – New Haven and North Site.
Adam Smith: Adam has grown up in the Grace Gathering family and graduated from New Haven High School. He is currently in school at IPFW studying to be a high school teacher. He oversees youth ministry at the North Site, and is passionate about seeing youth all over the city pursuing a life for Jesus
DSC_1307-Kyle-1 copy Kyle ZimmermanKyle and Amber are both from Fort Wayne.  They have 3 daughters and 1 son.  Kyle leads the High School Student Impact called Momentum and the Small Group ministry called Accelerate at the New Haven site.  Kyle is passionate about developing high schoolers into fully devoted followers of Christ.

The various leadership teams all work together to assist, support, and undergird the church family as it pursues discipleship and mission.

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