Maconochie Family Donations

Thank you for your willingness to consider donating items to the Maconochies as they prepare to move to Fort Wayne from England. An investor from Grace Gathering has purchased a home for them to rent in Arlington Park. The Maconochies, however, will only be bringing their clothes and few personal items. We will need to help them with virtually everything else.

A few examples of things they will need: two vehicles, beds, dressers, night stands, kitchen table, couches, chairs, end tables, lamps, T.V’s, linens, washer and dryer, silverware, dishes, pans, glasses, lawn mower, outdoor equipments, etc.

Because many of these donated items will be used, we want to do our best to secure things that are in good shape and have common themes, so that everything doesn’t seem mismatched. If you are willing to donate items or money to purchase these items, please fill out the form below. It will be a great way to bless this family.

If you have more than one donation, please fill out a separate form per donated item. After we collect all the data, we will make a final determination by sometime in June as to what items we would like to receive.  We will then let you know.

Thank you for your willingness to help with this exciting transition for this very grateful family.

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