Marriage Partnership in Ministry Workshop



God calls couples to lead spiritual families as well as physical families.  Husbands and wives have a unique opportunity to leverage their relationship together to make an impact on others around them.  One of the greatest challenges for married couples, however, is when there is little partnership and unity together in ministry-calling and pursuit.  What is the difference between a supportive spouse in ministry and true partnership in ministry?  With gift mix differences, personality differences and even different passions, it is easy to see how these can cause conflict and division.  This is seen both in the home and the ministry.  How can marriages leverage their differences and allow them to work as strengths and not weaknesses?  How can a married couple become spiritual parents in the discipleship process with an emphasis on the importance of both a spiritual dad and mom in ministry?

Chris and Kathy Norman operated in the traditional view of pastor and supportive spouse for 15 years.  Neither of them knew any different.  Over time, however, Kathy grew more isolated from the church and Chris continued leading the church more on his own.  Ministry, when not done in partnership, usually takes a negative toll on marriages – and it did on theirs.

Paul and Heloise Maconochie started their marriage as ministry partners together from the beginning and have 20 years of experience partnering together.  They have seen incredible fruit of learning how to be spiritual parents in life and ministry.

This Friday night and Saturday workshop is intended for any married couple that wants to grow in their marriage and be more effective in mission, and it walks couples through very practical steps of how to grow as partners in the home and in ministry.  It is an investment in marriage with a direct overflow into kingdom living.  

The cost of the event is $99 per couple two weeks prior to the event and $129 per couple the week leading up to the workshop.

Your marriage and ministry calling will never be the same again!


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