Missional Communities

We want to be a church full of people genuinely following Jesus, and we believe that takes place every single day. While Sunday services are a great way to connect and worship, being a Christian is so much more than that!

That’s why we try to model our lives after Jesus and live in missional communities.

What are missional communities? Put simply, it’s a mid-sized group of people (maybe 10-30 or so) who seek to know God’s love, treat each other as family, and pursue people together with God’s love.

All of our communities live life together, whether that’s through hanging out throughout the week, eating dinner, group texts, grocery shopping, praying, or borrowing things from each other. And most missional communities have a weekly meal in which they invite their friends who don’t yet follow Jesus but who might be open.

We aren’t perfect, but we desperately want the full life that Jesus lived, and that’s why we’re trying to live like him. Together.

Want to learn more?

New to Grace Gathering?

We have a missional community whose primary mission is making sure you feel connected and get to experience life with a community of people following Jesus together.

Contact the Haydocks or the Ravenscrofts to visit soon!

  • John and Teresa Haydock:  260.580.3151
  • Michelle and Chris Ravenscroft:  260.615.8122

Necessary details:

  • Meet at the Haydock’s home:  2219 White Plains Court, Fort Wayne, IN 46815
  • Meeting times:  First 3 Thursdays of each month from 6:00p-8:00p
  • Everyone brings along a side dish or dessert to contribute to the meal. Bring whatever you like!
  • Evenings start with dinner together, getting to know one another, and lots of fun. Then after clean up, someone usually shares a little something that he or she feels God has been teaching them, and the group talks about it. Anyone can participate, even if you’re not totally sure about Jesus to begin with!
  • No commitment required. Just let us know you’re coming 馃檪
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