Norman Sabbatical


Every seven years we give leaders at our church a break from leading.  This is currently my 22nd year serving at Grace.  Starting this week I will be taking a three-month sabbatical.  A year ago I applied for an Eli Lilly renewal grant.  They give money to church leaders and teachers for a time of refreshment and break away from the responsibilities of the job.

The application process is lengthy (taking about three months).  The theme of my proposal was “family connection/renewal.”  It included a three-month break whereby I would go on a one on one trip with each of my four kids, my wife, and a family getaway with all of us.   I begin the renewal sabbatical with a five-day personal retreat of silence and solitude at a Monastery in Kentucky.

To my great surprise and gratitude I received the grant, which will pay for every dime of my entire sabbatical.   Each of my kids was able to choose where they would like to go.  Moriah chose a broadway play in New York, Julia chose hiking and horseback riding in Colorado, Grant chose golfing at Pinehurst, Farrah chose Disney in Orlando, and Kathy and I will spend a few days on Mackinac Island.  As a family we will take a trip to a Caribbean Island called Turks and Caicos.

Needless to say I am incredibly thankful and humbled.

I want to thank my church family for their prayer, support, and belief in being pro-active against burnout, and I also want to thank the Eli Lilly Foundation for their financial commitment allowing me to do this with my family.

Kathy will post pictures throughout but my social media connection will be very limited these next three months.

Signing off for now. Blessings and love to you all!

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