Room Reservation Request

When we built our facility we wanted it used as a tool for ministry, relationship building, and a bridge to the community.  Its multi-use is a blessing to many.  We are glad that it is used seven days a week!

This form is to be utilized by Grace Gathering attenders and ministry leaders. Please contact us if you do not attend Grace and wish to utilize rooms at Grace.  We would love to help serve you.

Upon receiving your request we will evaluate the availability and communicate back to you on whether or not your request is approved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any event that necessitates the use of audio/visual equipment  (sound, dvd, powerpoint, lighting, etc.) must have a Grace Gathering endorsed A/V technician present. If your event requires support you will either need to

  1. Provide us with the name and contact information for the GG trained technician you have secured or
  2. Give us ample time to attempt to contract a technician. 

There may be an additional charge for this tech support.  If we are unable to secure a trained support technician, we will have to limit the use of the space to exclude audio-visual equipment.

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