Seek God for the City 2015


Seek God 2015 helps you pray for others in our community during the forty days to Palm Sunday, February 18 to March 29, 2015. You will find daily prayers with biblical clarity and vivid, crisp language. Each of the 40 days gives you ideas to pray for others with confidence and hope. Join many thousands of Christians from different traditions that will be praying these prayers too. Pray God’s highest hopes for your city’s deepest needs.

Dated February 18 to March 29, 2015, for 40 days of united prayer. Useful any day of the year.

User reviews from last year:
“A very helpful launching point for my own prayers”
“I love having the 40-day prayer guide so easily accessible”
“Loved the app. It was so helpful because I always had it with me and could integrate it into my day.”
“Awesome app!!!!! Loved the country guides – made prayer for other nations very exciting.”

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