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Sons & Daughters is a worship leadership school that exists to prepare and equip young musicians and vocalists to lead a life of faithfulness and fruitfulness.

You been asked to provide a reference for a specific student wishing to pursue training with Sons & Daughters.

A few qualities that will benefit a student of worship school are:

  • An authentic humility in relationship to the person’s skills and position in leadership.
  • A hunger to grow in depth of knowledge of and transformation through the living Word.
  • A genuine commitment to being fully present to whatever God might want to do the heart and mind of the person.

Sons & Daughters Worship School Character Reference

  • Character & Skills - Please check the appropriate rating to indicate your opinion of the applicant.

  • General Information

  • Personal Contact Information

  • If you have any questions or need clarification, please call Craig Eakright at 260-403-3251 or email us at Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.