Vision and Values



as a church is to see the beautiful picture of heaven experienced on earth. Every time someone becomes a follower of Jesus, or someone gets healed of a sickness, or the marginalized get defended, or evil is resisted the kingdom of God is at hand.


for seeing God’s kingdom expressed here on earth is the same strategy Jesus used when he was here.  He discipled people to have his character and have his skill at engaging mission.  We want to see people grow in these two areas of living and leading like Jesus.


at Grace are built around the following principles:  1) biblical authority and life by the Spirit, 2) grace and truth, 3) leadership integrity and humility, 4) low control and high accountability, and 5) communities on mission.  As we attempt to fulfill our missionary calling, we want to see vibrancy in our relationship with God (UP), with one another (IN), and with the world around us (OUT).

Click here to see an expanded version of our vision, values, and vehicles.



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