Vision Videos: Share Your Story

We firmly believe that incredible things are happening in the people of Grace Gathering. People are encountering God in deeper, more personal ways, experiencing genuine community, and living as missionaries in everyday life.

But we don’t always hear about it. Unless our stories are shared, we miss out on the encouragement of seeing someone else on the journey. We may even feel a bit disconnected.

However, when we do share our stories, amazing things can happen. We’re encouraged and inspired. We feel more like a family, seeing what God is doing in others. Our faith is raised. We’re able to identify with one another.

And our imagination for God to move grows like a wildfire.

So here’s what we’re doing, together.

We’re kicking off the new year by reminding ourselves of the vision God has for our church, we’re celebrating all that God is already doing, and we’re doing this with your video testimonies.

We need as many people as possible to send in 30-60 second video testimonies for one of two categories:

  1. Gathered Church Encounter:One of the main goals of our Sunday gatherings is that through the elements of the service people encounter God and respond to him in some tangible way. Whether it is through the music, the testimonials, the preaching of the Word, prophetic words, Scripture reading, prayer, healing, etc. we want people to meet with God and encounter him in spirit and truth. Recount a time when you were moved and experienced God in one of our Sunday services.
  2. Scattered Church Encounter: One of our main goals for followers of Jesus at Grace is that outside of church services people would regularly gather together with other believers in community and that people would live out their missionary calling by helping people who are open to God to find him and follow him.  Where have you experienced rich community and love with other believers, grown spiritually with other believers, or where have you seen God move among people who need Jesus?  As these things are naturally pursued as a lifestyle, recount one of these experiences.   

The plan:

  1. Take a 30-60 second video on your phone or laptop of you sharing one way you’ve encountered God this past year.
  2. Email your video to with (1) Your Full Name (2) New Haven or North, and (3) which category your testimony fits in (Gathered or Scattered). (If your video is too large, consider using cloud storage like the Google Photos app, Dropbox, OneDrive, or iCloud.)
  3. We may include your video during the upcoming vision series to encourage the rest of the church, either during the service or on social media!

The last day to send in your videos for the North Site Site is Sunday, January 21. On that Sunday, we’ll have a camera set up to record your testimony in-person if you like.

Some top tips for your video:

  • Smile in your video!
  • Try not to have a bright background with you in the shadow.
  • Practice 2 or 3 times to make sure you keep it short and sweet.
  • Try to avoid loud environments like coffee shops or outside windy days.
  • Portrait or Landscape videos are both fine.
  • Keep it under 60 seconds.
  • Don’t worry if it’s perfect; just make sure people can hear and see you, and that you share how you have experienced God this year!
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