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The Maconochies are coming to the USA

Paul, Elly, Grace, and Hannah Maconochie are moving to the States in July of 2014. Paul has been the senior leader of Network Church Sheffield for the last 10 years. Mike Breen was the former leader of this influential UK church. Paul has been issued a religious visa sponsored by Grace Gathering Church and will be moving to Fort Wayne, IN this summer. Paul will be developing 3DM Network US. This is an emerging network of churches that will partner together to pursue the vision of placing mission and discipleship into the hands of everyday people (see www.3dmovements.com). We are honored to have the Maconochies in our country to help lead this missional movement.

Because they are making a life-changing move across the Atlantic, they have many pressing needs once they get here. To see what their needs are and to offer any help, please click below.

Maconochie Family Donations

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