D&M Workshops: Spring 2017

Accessible Prophecy

April 21-22

The Bible teaches us that we can all learn to hear God’s voice and use the gifts of prophecy, but how can we engage with this important spiritual gift in a way that is normal and natural?

In this workshop we will be exploring a biblical and balanced approach to revelatory gifts, through a mixture of teaching and practical sessions. It will be a great opportunity to grow in confidence and to engage with the supernatural element of the Holy Spirit’s ministry in a safe environment.



Local Pilgrimage

April 24-26

At Grace Gathering we have been significantly impacted by a ministry organization called 3DM (www.3dmovements.com) in the arena of pursuing discipleship and mission in the local church context. From this investment over the last several years we have developed discipleship huddles, missional communities, and a common discipleship language that is both transferrable and reproducible to people throughout the church.

Many churches on this same journey are looking for places where they can see these principles fleshed out in the local church setting. Because of this, we offer a “Pilgrimage” at Grace Gathering both in the fall and spring. This is an opportunity for leaders and teams to come and observe firsthand how these principles are being implemented, hear what mistakes we have made over the years, what we would have done differently, what has worked, what breakthroughs we have experienced thus far, and simply spend a couple days hanging out with us.

Marriage Partnership in Ministry

June 2-3

Husbands and wives have a unique opportunity to leverage their relationship together to make an impact on others around them. One of the greatest challenges for married couples, however, is when there is little partnership and unity together in ministry-calling and pursuit. With gift mix differences, personality differences and even different passions, it is easy to see how these can cause conflict and division. How can marriages leverage their differences and allow them to work as strengths and not weaknesses?

This will be the 2nd in a series of workshops focused on marriage in ministry. The primary focus of this weekend will be personality difference in marriage and how couples can work together – seeing their marriage and ministry benefit through their differences.


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