Children’s Ministry Online

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Kairos Clubhouse Going through Alpha (Site-Specific)

Every Wednesday Night from 6:30-7:05. Each site will have their own gathering, led by Children’s Ministry Leaders. This will be a time for the whole family to be together. All of our families will get together on a zoom call where we will have some worship and prayer followed by a short Alpha teaching by our Children’s Ministry Leader. After the lesson our leader will give instructions to the families about how to continue conversations about the lesson in their own homes and everyone will be dismissed to talk more on their own. This time will take the place of our Sunday morning classroom setting that we would have under normal circumstances.

Reading Club with Zach (Churchwide)

Every Thursday morning from 10:00-10:30 on Zoom. This will be a time for just kids. So parents, get your kids set up and then go relax! Every week Zach will read a chapter from the Chronicles of Narnia book, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. This is simply a time for our kids to stay connected and have a little fun, while allowing parents to rest for a little bit!

Worship & Workout with Mya (Churchwide)

Every Monday evening  at 6:30-7:00pm on Zoom. This will be another time just for kids. So parents, get your kids set up and go relax! Every week Mya will show the kids some worship songs and give them time to spend worshiping God! This is simply a time for kids to be connected with each other and with God, while allowing parents to rest for a little bit!

Site-Specific Private Facebook Pages:

Each site will have a private facebook page for parents. This will be a space for connection, encouragement, announcements and for your family to share the ways your kids are growing from our weekly Kairos Clubhouse lessons. These pages will be private and people who wish to join will have to request to join. Our Site Leaders will monitor who can be a part of the group. This is so our families can feel safe posting updates and pictures of their families.

Gathered Watch Parties

During our Sunday morning gathered watch parties there will not be children’s ministry available, however there will be coloring sheets and lesson sheets available for children to use during the service. We ask that you provide coloring utensils for your child.

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