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Spring 2021

Focus: Preparing for a Move of God

Main Session

Rooted & Renegade Documentary

Grace Family of Churches (Atlanta)

The Grace Family of Churches (Atlanta) recently produced a stunning memoir of Buddy Hoffman, the former lead pastor. This video not only honors Buddy’s life of faith but tells the incredible story of how God moved through their church.


Interview with Dave Rhodes and Matt Reynolds

Grace Family of Churches

Fall 2020

Focus: How Prophecy Ignites Hunger For God

Main Session

How Prophecy Ignites Hunger for God

Julie Dirkse

Breakout 1

Encountering God Through Sung Worship

Julie Dirkse

Breakout 2

Seeing God Move Through Prophetic Words

Paul Maconochie

Breakout 3

Hearing Stories That Inspire

Andrew Booth



Chris Norman

Fall 2019

Focus: Leading in Both Word and Spirit

Teaching Input 1

Leading People While Being Led By the Spirit

Practicing Prophecy and Praying for Healing

Paul Maconochie

Teaching Input 2

Leading People Through the Word

Practical Skills from Low Bar to High Bar

Chris Norman

Q & A Panel

Examples of Living and Leading Day-to-Day


Chris and Kathy Norman, Steve and Stephanie Terry, Scott Jester, Paul Maconochie

Spring 2019

Focus: Missional Hospitality

Teaching Input 1

Principles in Missional Hospitality

Chris Norman

Teaching Input 2

Practices in Missional Hospitality

Elly Maconochie


Missional Vision for Multisite

Chris Norman & Steve Terry

Fall 2018

Focus: Being a Disciple

Teaching Input 1

From Delivery to Development

Chris Norman

Video 1

Grace Gathering’s Story

Chris and Kathy Norman

Video 2

We Are Church

Credit to Francis Chan, Letters to the Church.

Video 3

Tia’s Story