Missional Communities


Missional Communities (MCs) are mid-sized groups of usually 5-15 families who gather around a specific missional focus, joining God in bringing Christ’s kingdom to a specific neighborhood or relational network. They seek to live out their faith together in relationship with God (UP), one another (IN), and their mission context (OUT).

MCs intentionally cultivate an “extended family” atmosphere that we call oikos that is small enough to allow every member to be known and actively involved, but also large enough to do something substantive in their mission context. It’s a house-full of friends on mission together.

We have a number of Missional Communities meeting all over town. If you’d like to get connected to one, then let’s have a chat about which ones might be a good fit for you, your family and your schedule. Just shoot Elly Maconochie an email and we’ll talk!

Want to sign up for special MC Training through the next year?  Click here to learn more!

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