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Spring 2022

Focus: The Journey to Inner Healing

We all have wounds. Places where our hearts have been traumatized in one way or another and the enemy has succeeded in planting his lies. These deeply rooted lies create strongholds that keep us from living in the life, joy, peace, and freedom God has for us.

Look at how the wounds of our past impact our present and discover the power of joy in inner healing . An introduction to some practices that help us access Jesus’ presence in our painful feelings and events.

Session 1

Gwen DeSelm

Session 2

Gwen DeSelm

Fall 2021

Focus: The 5-Fold Framework

Found explicitly in Ephesians 4, laced throughout the Scriptures, and modeled in the life and ministry of Jesus.

Unearth how God has gifted you so that you can lead from your strengths and discover the gifts of others so that you can build diverse teams.

Session 1: 5Fold in the Church

Rich Robinson

Session 2: 5Fold in the Workplace

Rich Robinson

Spring 2021

Focus: Preparing for a Move of God

A Case Study: How Grace Family Church, Atlanta Experienced a Significant Move of God… So We Can, Too.

Join us as we learn from the leaders of Grace Family of Churches, a multi-site church in Atlanta with a remarkably similar story to ours. Our morning together will be inspiring and encouraging as we all plan our next steps for growing in our hunger and thirst for God and his Spirit.

Main Session: Rooted & Renegade Documentary

Grace Family of Churches (Atlanta)

Interview with Dave Rhodes and Matt Reynolds

Grace Family of Churches

Fall 2020

Focus: How Prophecy Ignites Hunger For God

Main Session: How Prophecy Ignites Hunger for God

Julie Dirkse

Breakout 1: Encountering God Through Sung Worship

Julie Dirkse

Breakout 2: Seeing God Move Through Prophetic Words

Paul Maconochie

Breakout 3: Hearing Stories That Inspire

Andrew Booth


Fall 2019

Focus: Leading in Both Word and Spirit

Practicing Prophecy, Praying for Healing, and Practical Scripture Skills from Low Bar to High Bar.

Teaching Input 1: Leading People While Being Led By the Spirit

Paul Maconochie

Teaching Input 2: Leading People Through the Word

Chris Norman

Q&A: Examples of Living and Leading Day-to-Day

Chris and Kathy Norman, Steve and Stephanie Terry, Scott Jester, Paul Maconochie

Spring 2019

Focus: Missional Hospitality

Principles and Practices for Mission.

Teaching Input 1: Principles in Missional Hospitality

Chris Norman

Teaching Input 2: Practices in Missional Hospitality

Elly Maconochie

Missional Vision for Multisite

Chris Norman and Steve Terry

Fall 2018

Focus: Being a Disciple

Grace Gathering’s Story

Chris and Kathy Norman

We Are Church

Francis Chan, Letters to the Church.

Tia’s Story