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Grace Gathering looks at leadership a little differently than simply having a pastoral staff. We believe gifts are demonstrated and modeled throughout the church body by everyday people, rather than predominantly by an ordained or paid few.

We believe God desires all of his people to be leaders in his church in some way. Because our gathered church is broken down into many small and mid-size communities, each community is made up of leaders who are using their gifts to serve and lead the church.

Alongside the leaders of various ministries, we believe there are two official leadership offices in the church made up of elders and deacons. The elders give accountability oversight in the areas of spiritual, doctrinal, and financial health of the church.  The names of our current elders are:  Andrew Booth, Tom Burch, John Haydock, Scott Jester, Brady Koehlinger, Chris Norman, as well as various Elders in training.

In addition, we have full and part-time leaders who help with the overall equipping of the church. They are servant leaders who use their gifts to provide resource and support to the overall church family.

See Chris and Kathy’s story:

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