Baptism is going public about your faith in Jesus and communicating to the world your heartfelt commitment to following Him. It’s an important act of obedience that God’s Spirit rewards in a very special and personal way.

We get baptized as the next step after salvation.

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Questions about Baptism?

People often have questions regarding baptism: Why should I be baptized? What if I’ve already been baptized—do I have to do it again? Does it matter if someone is sprinkled or dunked? Take a few minutes to read the answers to these 4 common questions about baptism.

My Next Step is Baptism

We’re so proud of you! Baptism is a powerful next step. Here’s how to sign up:


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Download and go through the Baptism study from Chapter 6 of Walking with God.

You can find the testimony questions are on pg 22-23.

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We'll also answer any questions you might have about how to prepare for the day.
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Watch the Latest Baptisms:


Rylan Lochmueller’s Baptism

Rylan grew up believing in Christ, but a few unhealthy friendships in the 6th grade aided in distancing himself  from the Lord. However, Rylan would become close friends with believers over the next few years, and he decided to give his life to Christ after he attended church one Sunday…
Joshua Terry
December 6, 2018

Evan Jester’s Baptism

His father was a pastor.  His mother was a youth leader.  So naturally, Evan grew up in the church his entire life. Like many of us, Evan found himself prioritizing other things ahead of God as he grew older. His decision to be baptized is a public declaration of his…
Joshua Terry
December 6, 2018

Kelly Green’s Baptism

Kelly’s testimony has an intriguing focal point...a BMX bike! However, that is not his full story.  Encouraged by the fact that his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died for him - for all of us - Kelly’s baptism is a way of showing himself and the world that there’s nothing…
December 6, 2018