Kingdom Treasures | Grace Gathering East

Sharing Christ’s love with God’s treasured individuals who have special needs.

Kingdom Treasures

Sundays at 10pm

Kingdom Treasures is our Sunday morning Gathering for people with disabilities and special needs. The mission of Kingdom Treasures is to share Christ’s love with God’s treasured individuals who have special needs. We desire to help individuals grow spiritually while allowing them and their families/care givers to participate in the community of the church. A typical Sunday gathering involves worship, learning, praying, singing, and fellowship together.


When and where do you meet?

Sunday morning during the scheduled church service at Grace Gathering East.

Who is it for? (Is it only for children?)

Grace Gathering welcomes any person that has any type of disability. Young children with disabilities are included within the children’s groups. Kingdgom Treasures serves people from elementary age through to adulthood. We accept persons who have toileting issues, if diapers need to changed, the family member/care giver will be called. Please inform the staff of specific situations with the students: seizures, allergies, diet, feeding tubes, wheelchairs, behaviors, etc…

What safety precautions are in place?

Each Kingdom Treasures worker is required to undergo a thorough criminal background check. At least two workers are always present. All family members/care givers are asked to check their student in before attending Kingdom Treasures each Sunday.

As a caregiver, will I need to be present during meetings?

You may leave students with us if you wish to attend the service, but we ask that you stay at Grace Gathering and pick your student up at the end of the Grace Gathering East service.

What would a typical meeting look like? What do you do?

We typically have a lesson, activity, snacks, games, songs, and prayer.

Is there wheelchair accessibility/parking?

Yes! There is an wheelchair accessible door located at the back entrance of the church. There are no ramps or stairs inside the building.