Missional Community Funds Request

At Grace we believe that a portion of the finances the congregation gives to the church should be directed back to the missional communities. Each MC is given a budget to use for three areas:  local mission, international mission, and benevolence.

Request Funds

The form (link below) is to be used by Missional Community Leaders to access these funds. Once the form is sent, it will be forwarded to the Missional Community Director to give final approval. Please expect two weeks to receive payment. Don’t forget, ALL REQUESTS (reimbursement and otherwise) MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO PURCHASE AND REQUIRE A RECEIPT.

Below is a brief description to help you choose the correct designation of fund type. For more detailed information, click the “Download” link following each.

Missional Community: Funds

These funds are specifically to resource your community financially to pursue missional endeavors to unbelievers, both locally and internationally. View Guidelines

Missional Community: Benevolence

The funds are specifically used to resource your community financially to care for those people within your community. View Guidelines

If you have any questions please contact Elly Maconochie at hmaconochie@gracegathering.com or call the church office at (260)749-5165.

Requesting Missional Community Funds?

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