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Equipping communities of kids to live and lead like Jesus.

Elementary School


Roots is our gathering for 1st through 5th graders that meets Sundays during the worship service. Once you check in your kids before the service, they join their leaders at the front of the Great Room for the first fifteen minutes of worship. It’s a great time for everyone to worship together! Then, the leaders will walk the kids out for a fun, interactive teaching time and small groups. (You can pick them up afterwards in the Family Room.)

We want all of our kids to be true disciples of Jesus. We know that, as parents or guardians, God has given you the incredible responsibility of loving and training them in the Bible (Deuteronomy 6:5-7). Our hope is that what we do on a Sunday only reinforces what you do at home. That’s why we’ll support you with training and tools to help you guide your children in knowing God’s voice and responding to him in faith.

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Birth - Kindergarten

The Grove.

We desire to partner with parents in discipling their children to know God. That’s why we take every opportunity to share God’s love with all kids–beginning with our littlest ones. Our lessons are full of songs, play, and fun activities. Each nursery is well staffed with incredible moms, dads, and grandparents who lovingly care for your children.

The Grove is divided into three areas:


Newborns up to 3 years are welcome in our Sprouts area. Our nursery rooms are arranged developmentally: infants, crawlers and 2-year olds.


Kids 3-4 years old can begin to discover who God is, who they are, and what God might have planned for them.


Kids 5 years old to Kindergarten can build on what they learned as Seedlings, learning more about who God is and what He has planned for them. This environment includes story time, small groups, prayer time and crafts.

Meet Our Leaders


How safe is my child?

Your child’s safety and care is our highest concern. We have many wonderful parents and other loving people in our church who volunteer countless hours to our kids ministry. Each children’s/youth worker is required to complete an application to work with children, as well undergoing a thorough criminal background check. At least two adults are always present with your child. When it comes to larger groups, our standard is 1:7 adult-to-child ratio.

How do I register my child in Kid’s ministry?

There is a check-in desk located in the back of the café lobby.  If this is your first time, a leader from the team will be available to help you register. We will ask you a series of basic questions about your kid(s), like their birthday, any special instructions, and a list of any allergies. Once you are in the system, you will be able to register your son or daughter in the self-check in line.

When is the Nursery open?

The Nursery and Toddler areas open their doors 15 minutes before each service. You can check your child into the area with enough time to grab some coffee on your way in to the service.

At what age can my child be left in the Nursery?

You may leave children with us as early as you are comfortable doing so. Every September we “graduate” older kids out of the Nursery and into the Toddler area.

What should I bring to the Nursery?

  • Diapers
  • Change of Clothing
  • Ointment (which we will apply only at your request)
  • Comfort Item (such as a pacifier or blanket)
  • Cup (labeled with your child’s name)

Please label all personal items each time you come to the nursery.  Stickers are available for this purpose at the sign-in area.

Will you change my child's diaper or take my child to the toilet?

It is our goal to check each child’s diaper at least once while they are with us. If your child is potty training, please take him or her to the bathroom before class. Feel free to use the child-size toilet in our class bathroom. We suggest you bring a change of clothes for all children in case of accidents.

Is a private mother and baby room available?

Yes! A mother and baby room is available in the Nursery suite where you and other moms and babies can hear the morning worship service. You are free to nurse your child in there if you’d like.

What about Parent & Child Dedication?

Parent & Child Dedication at Grace Gathering is a public commitment made by parents to raise their child to know God’s love and teach them to respond to him in faith. It is also a commitment for our church to partner with you as we live as God’s family together. We have Parent & Child Dedication Sundays twice a year.

Meet Our Kids Staff

Brian Gerig

Director of Youth and Kids

Zach Ziino

Children’s Team Leader