Welcome to the Parent-Child Dedication Course!

Below is a series of four videos that will help you prepare as a family for dedicate your child, each with an assignment to complete. Committing your family to raising your children in the way of Jesus is a big step, and we’re with you.

Please take your time working through each video and assignment thoughtfully and prayerfully. And have fun doing it!

Get Started
Video 1

The first video is an explanation of what dedication is and the goals of it.

Your Assignment

The assignment for this video is simple, commit to this whole process of watching videos and working through the assignments we have for you.

Video 2

The second video is about prayer. Prayer is an essential part of dedicating your child.

Your Assignment

This video’s assignment is to select a bible verse and start praying that verse over your child. Feel free to pick any verse that you want, we suggest that you pray and ask God to guide you to a verse. We have also created a list of potential verses that you might like to choose from (you do not have to choose one of the verses we have put into this list).

Video 3

The third video is about dedicating your home to God and his Kingdom mission.

Your Assignment

The assignment for this video is to start thinking about what rhythms you want to be apart of your family life and start putting those into practice.

Video 4

The fourth video is about community and how it helps in raising children.

Your Assignment

This video’s assignment is for you to figure out who your community is, who are the people you want to help you raise your child. Once you have that figured out, we want you to ask your community to team with you as you raise your child.

Specifically we want you to ask your community to do two things:

First, start praying for your child, using the same verse that you have already chosen.

Second, write a letter to your child that you can give to them at their baptism (we also want you to write your child a similar letter). The purpose of the letter is for the benefit of your child. When they receive these letters it will be a way for them to see who has been helping them grow from the very beginning of their life.

A s we get closer to the date of your dedication we will contact you with the information for the day and to talk about how the assignments have gone and what God has already speak to you. Again we are so excited that you have chosen to take this step and we are excited to be able to walk alongside you!


Blessings as you go,

The Grace Gathering Children’s Ministry Team