Life On Mission.

Missional Communities are one of the most intentional ways we share life together and invite new people to join us.

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What is missional community?

We are a church of people striving to be authentic followers of Jesus, and we believe that takes place every single day. Sunday services are a great way to connect and worship, but we think following Jesus in life is so much more that!

That’s why we try to model our lives after Jesus and live in missional communities.

What are missional communities? Put simply, it’s a group of people who seek to know God’s love, treat each other as family, and pursue people together with God’s love. The focus of an MC is to reach new people with the gospel.

We aren’t perfect, but we genuinely want the full life that Jesus lived, and that’s why we’re trying to live like him. Together.

The Building Blocks of Missional Community

All of our communities live life together, whether that’s through hanging out throughout the week, eating dinner, group texts, grocery shopping, praying, or borrowing things from each other. Most MCs have a weekly meal in which they invite their friends who don’t yet follow Jesus but who might be open.

Eat Together.

Meals are a great way to get people together. Most missional communities eat at least one or two meals together each week.

Play Together.

It’s important for missional communities to enjoy each other, so playing together is a must. This could include anything from going to movies, playing games, or celebrating birthdays.

Pray Together.

No community will ever make an impact apart from prayer, that’s why every missional community prioritizes regular habits of praying together.

Share Mission.

Missional communities have visions that go beyond themselves. They are groups of people intentionally loving and inviting in their friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

Share Resources.

MCs share what they have to live integrated lives. Sometimes it’s small things like eggs and milk. Other times it includes bigger examples, like sharing cars or backyards.

Read and watch stories of people in Missional Communities.

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