Stories are one of most powerful tools we have. We celebrate what God has done and encourage others in the process.

Some stories we share are life-altering while others are more everyday. All of them are amazing.

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Share your story.

We know God is doing incredible things in and through our church, and we want to celebrate what’s happening!

We’d love to hear about any life change, turning point, next step, or remarkable experience that points to Jesus working in your life. We’ll follow up with you when you submit.

Our criteria is simple: How did you feel God spoke to you and what did you do to respond in faith?

Want some help getting started? See if any of the seven questions below spark any ideas, and check out our storytelling guide to help put it all in to words.

  • How did Jesus save you or give you a new life?
  • How have you stepped out in faith to live more like Jesus?
  • How have you experienced significant breakthrough or hope in your marriage, finances, health, job, or family?
  • What is one simple way you’ve grown in living as a family on mission with others?
  • What was one thing that stuck out to you during a worship gathering, group, or discipleship huddle, and how did you respond?
  • How have you shared the gospel, prayed for healing, or helped someone get freedom from Satan’s lies?
  • What is one simple habit you put in place to live as a missionary in everyday life?