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All East Mystery Dinners
8 North Galentine’s Day
11 North Super-Bowl Party
17 Churchwide Naturally Supernatural
23 Churchwide Footsteps of Jesus

Naturally Supernatural (Feb 17th)


As we follow Jesus, we know we’re called to imitate Him in every way—but that leaves some of us wondering, “What about the miraculous things Jesus did? Should we imitate those things, too? Is that even possible? Is it biblical?”

We’re excited to offer a workshop that answers just those questions. Whether you’ve been following Jesus for decades or just a short while, or whether you are totally comfortable with the miraculous (or totally uncomfortable) you’ll find this biblical, simple introduction to hearing God and healing will encourage you and challenge you in life-changing ways.

The workshop will include various segments, such as times of teaching input, Q&A, worship, small group processing, times of training, and personal application (as well as breaks and lunch).

This is the second in a series of four workshops we’ll be hosting in the coming months. Here is a quick glance at the title of each workshop:

  1. Living a Naturally Supernatural Life
  2. Hearing God
  3. Healing and the Spiritual Gifts
  4. Spiritual Warfare

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Footsteps of Jesus (Feb 23-24)


Have you ever wanted to see and hear the actual places Jesus walked?

On Feb. 23, Bible scholar Bob Rognlien and Film Director Andrew Chalmers will be showing “The Footsteps of Jesus,” a free pre-screening film release based on the life and locations of Jesus. This will take you through a journey to the Holy Land, showing what it would be like to make the pilgrimage yourself.

On Feb. 24 they will be leading a virtual/multimedia experience of walking through the life of Jesus. The common response from most is that once you experience this virtual walk-thru, you will never read the Bible the same way again. It will be as close as you can get to visiting the places Jesus walked while staying in Fort Wayne. Follow this link to sign up for either or both of these amazing opportunities.

Link to more info on the movie: https://www.followingthefootsteps.org


Mystery Dinners (Evenings in February)


Mystery Dinners are a great way to meet people here at the East Site! You can sign up today to attend or host a Mystery Dinner in your home. You will get the chance to meet people in the congregation you may not know, serve, and hear each other’s stories. This is a practical way to love people well and connect the church. If signing up as an attendee, you will hear details about your assigned dinner shortly after signing up. The last day to sign up will be on Sunday, February 4th, and you can sign up here.


Galentine’s Day (Feb 8th)

For all North Site ladies, ages teen and up, come for a night of games, snacks, and fun celebrating each other. This is a great event to invite a friend to! This will be at Kathy Green’s house, no registration is required. See connections for more info.

Wise Women Panel (Feb 18th)

All women ages 20-29, regardless of stage in life are welcome to come to a night of learning from the women who have walked this life before us! We are going to gather together and listen to three ladies share their stories and answer questions about how to live in community, love Christ and each other, and just simply answer the call to live this life well, loving God and loving others. Come gather in community and soak up all the wisdom! Any woman in this age range, from any site or any church/no church at all are welcome! This will be at the East Site at 7:30. No registration is required; just show up!